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Sindbad's seventh voyage


"After my return home from the previous adventurous voyage, I retired to my estates and lived quietly among my friends. Noble gentlemen, I did not intend to undertake another journey ever again as long as I lived. But one day I was summoned to the Sultan Haroun-al-Rashid. He said I was to be his envoy and to honour a famous Indian prince by delivering valuable presents on his behalf. My protests were in vain: there was no help for it - I had to set sail again. This time the voyage seemed to be uneventful. The Indian prince did me much honour and presented me with costly gifts; I set out for home. But we were attacked by pirates, overpowerd and all sold into slavery. I was bought by an African merchant whose passion was hunting. Sindbad and the clever elephants One day I had to accompany him on an elephant hunt. I was to climb to the top of a tree and through loud noise drive passing elephants in the direction where slaves were waiting to kill them. After a long time, the ground began to tremble and a herd of hundreds of elephants came lumbering past. They saw me and to my horror began to uproot the tree on which I was sitting. I quickly jumped to the ground so as not to be crushed to death by the falling tree. I felt myself being lifted up. An elephant gripped me firmly and seated me gently on its back. Then they gallopped off, the entire herd following behind me. Towards evening we reached a large empty space. Again I was gripped by the trunk of the huge animal I had been riding on and was gently put down on the ground. With astonishment I saw the most beautiful ivory all around me, next to it the skeletons of dead elephants. The clever animals had brought me here to show me the treasure in the hope of preventing persecution in the future. I returned, told my master of my discovery, which was soon collected. In gratitude he gave me my liberty and sent me home laden with gifts."

Sindbad the carrier now understood that the storyteller had not merely experienced the joys of life but had endured an ample share of its sorrows before attaining the wealth which he now had in old age and which he was only now peacefully enjoying. From then on poor Sindbad and rich Sindbad were friends. The former sailor shared his prosperity with the carrier and they lived together happily for many years.

The end - Sindbad and Sindbad are friends